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Mark your calendars… National Train Day is coming

May 10th will mark the first ever National Train Day, commemorating the 1869 historic driving of the “golden spike,” which marked the completion of the transcontinental train line. There will be festivities at Penn Station in New York, as well as the primary train stations in Washington DC, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

You can visit the event’s website, where there is a poll asking which legendary train you would most like to ride on. The list includes the Hogwarts Express, the Shinkansen bullet train (no maglev?), and the Polar Express. One option I didn’t see on there was an American train system that the federal government actually cared to maintain and improve. Oh well. I did really appreciate this comment from the about section:

Now, 139 years after the golden spike connected east and west, there’s never been a better time to take the train. Huge crowds and the frustrations that go with them burden our highways and airports. And at a time when we all share the same pressing concerns about ecology and energy conservation, trains are a more energy-efficient mode of travel than either autos or airplanes. Riding the rails is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. Not to mention meet interesting people and see breathtaking scenery.

No directions will be provided from the airport.

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