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California high-speed rail bond measure to appear on ballot

California voters will have the chance to kick start construction on a high-speed rail line stretching across the state, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. The article does a good job of pointing out the growing need for such a service, which can no longer wait for a better budgetary situation for the state (Does California have those anymore?):

It’s about time. For years legislators have declined to put a $10 billion bond measure on the ballot that would start construction of the rail’s first building phase, stretching from San Francisco to Anaheim. Legislators were waiting for the perfect storm of budget solvency and economic growth, thinking that this might help the bond pass. Apparently they’ve realized that California’s budget woes aren’t going to get better before gas prices and global warming get worse: The bond measure should finally be on the ballot this November.

As the federal government twiddles its fingers over high-speed rail improvements, it may fall increasingly to the states to implement smart alternatives such as this to expensive fuels and congested roadways.

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