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Arkansas State House Majority Leader Steve Harrelson of Texarkana is just back from an important regional planning conference in Marshall, Texas. Service along the Little Rock to San Antonio corridor was discussed and Harrelson will post a complete report on his Under the Dome blog. He did highlight some of the known benefits. Darned interesting stuff.

Here are a few quick facts:
• Speed: Using the existing rail bed, trains on this corridor could travel 80-110 MPH
• Little Rock to Dallas: About a three hour trip with no airport waiting
• Cost: About $1.3 million per mile (compared to $10-$12 million/mile for highways)
• Benefits: 30% less emissions, takes cars and trucks off the interstate, no high gas prices

Also included in the mix is the improvement of the lines from Dallas to Meridian, Ms. This opens up connections to Atlanta, the northeast and potentially Florida. This would also provide a Jackson, Ms. connection to the Midwest and New Orleans. There are also links to local coverage in local newspapers in Steve Harrelson’s posting.

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