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Those crazy Frogs are at it again!

Believe it or not, the newest French train would shave 33 minutes off the London – Paris running time. Yep, 1 hour and 42 minutes. It’s a good thing we have no need for such new-fangled stuff in the USA! The London Telegraph reports.

By Henry Samuel in Paris

Last Updated: 1:57am GMT 05/02/2008

The TGV, France’s very fast train and a source of Gallic pride, is set to be replaced by an even speedier model, the AGV, which President Nicolas Sarkozy will officially launch today.

The unveiling of the AGV, Automotrice à Grande Vitesse (high-speed self-propelled carriage) will take place near La Rochelle, western France.

The new generation of trains will travel at a top speed of 224 mph compared to 186 kph for most TGVs (Trains a Grande Vitesse) currently used in France.

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Bush to Amtrak, “Nuts!”

Hardly a surprise, the entire report runs in Gannett news sources.

Monday, February 4, 2008
Gannett News Service

WASHINGTON WASHINGTON – The White House released a $3.1 trillion budget request today that includes $68 billion for transportation programs and services for the 2009 fiscal year.

The transportation spending plan – smaller than the current year’s by $2.3 billion – reflects a reduction from what Congress gave Amtrak this year. But it also marks a record amount of money for transit programs nationwide, the Bush administration said.

Bush sought $900 million for Amtrak, the quasi-private passenger rail service – $300 million for operations, $500 million for capital expenses including upgrading the Northeast Corridor, and $100 million for grants to states to increase service between heavily traveled cities.

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