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Michael Bloomberg, just another wise-guy billionaire

He almost said some of the right words in California over the weekend. Read the AP report here.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who says he’s not a candidate for president, chose electoral vote-rich California Saturday from which to deliver a scorching assessment of Washington for failing to keep up with the need for new airports, roads, water systems and bridges across America.

While China and other nations are investing heavily in ports and high-speed trains “Washington doesn’t have a plan” to address crumbling U.S. infrastructure, Bloomberg said.

That is a long way from an actual commitment. Perhaps he will be more specific, but presidents do not pass legislation, but they can do a lot of harm. Case in point, JimmyCarter.

Bloomberg is a Republican stalking horse designed to split the Hillary vote and elect a clone of GWB. That is how it seems to me.


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  1. Bob Roth says:

    America needs and deserves a president with vision and a proven track record of solving tough problems and delivering real results, a president who can bring America together through true leadership and fine character.

    I believe that Mayor Bloomberg, a proven successful businessman and public servant, is the leader to help us rebuild our country.

    Please join me at by signing the petition that will help convince Mayor Bloomberg to run for President of the United States.

  2. I have no comment on Micheal Bloomberg’s political maneuvers and don’t see the need for a third party candidate, but the man is from New York City which has more rail service and transit in general than anywhere. True, the MTA is a state organization, but Bloomberg has put his personal commitment and political capital on a number of transportation projects (the biggest of which I guess is the second avenue subway). And in his own life he lives his commitment by riding the subway. I don’t see the need for a third party candidate, but of all the potential candidates, only Richardson has the same level of transportation credibility in my book (and he is only likely as a V.P.).

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