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Chinese maglev developments

This update has a lot of new material, including a cool section on how maglev works. Here is a small segment.

China maglev budget ‘may double’

Maglev train in Shanghai

Shanghai’s maglev train started commercial service in 2003

The cost of extending Shanghai’s magnetic levitation – or maglev – railway may more than double, says a report in the China Daily newspaper. The state-run publication said the price could increase to 500m yuan ($69m; £35m) per kilometre of the 31.8km extension, up from 200m yuan.

It puts the increase down to a revised route to avoid densely populated areas.

Maglev trains use electric-powered magnets to float above their tracks, allowing for super-fast speeds.

The newspaper report said the cost increase had also been caused by plans to increase the buffer zone around the track, to take into account residents’ concerns about exposure to electromagnetic radiation and noise.

Floating train

Shanghai currently has the world’s only commercial maglev service, where the floating train has whisked travellers between the city’s main airport and the financial district since 2003.

The planned extension will connect with the city’s second airport.

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2 Responses

  1. Larry Blow says:

    The realignment involves less than 10% of the route length, as I understand things, so attributing this small adjustment to a doubling of the capital costs sounds a little weak to me.

    Larry Blow

  2. […] up to 220 mph and will take about five years to build. It’s harrowing to see that the PRC is modernizing its already extensive passenger rail system while Amtrak has to fight a hostile executive branch […]

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