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Lott to leave Senate

Very bad news for Amtrak. Mississippi is one state that can probably be counted on to provide worse congressional representation than Arkansas. Trent Lott has been a friend of passenger rail service in a difficult time. Especially bad in light ot Texas Senator Hutchison’s announced departure. Here is the link

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  1. It may not be as sad as it appears at first blush. This is the same Trent Lott that tried to move heaven & h– to force CSX off of the Gulf Coast forever so he could build a highway to serve his casino friends. He lost the first round but the battle may not be over anytime soon. Loss of this route would permanently eliminate any passenger rail service across the great hole that now appears (since Katrina) in the National Network, as well as destroy part of a federally selected high speed corridor (NewOrleans to Mobile).

    Jerry Sullivan, P.E. (retired)
    Jacksonville, FL

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