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Those wacky Saudis

The royal family over there is such good friends with our first family, I am always delighted to see that things are working out for the House of Saud.

A French rail company has revealed plans to establish a high-speed rail network in Saudi Arabia, linking Jeddah and Madina with a journey time of just 90 minutes.

Alstom Transport, which recently tested the world’s fastest train, says its proposed network will be capable of transporting millions of Haj and Umrah pilgrims at speeds of up to 400km per hour, according to a report by the Saudi Gazette.

Alstom SVP Francois Lacote revealed plans for the 500 seat double-decker trains at the French Technology Exhibition in Riyadh on Saturday. The project, connecting Madina, Makkah and Jeddah is to be presented ‘soon’ to the Saudi Ministry of Transport, Lacote said. “We will build it as soon as it is approved by the Saudi Ministry of Transport” he said.

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