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I just hate that this editorial comes form a town bearing my namesake. It looks like bit of turf war going on here, and we can all be grateful the opinion piece was not completely nasty. The transportation study referenced here will probably go a long ways toward settling things.

Here is a taste of what the News-Advance ran.

People who want to affect a total cultural change in this country, transportation-wise, are just whistling “Dixie.” They’re just not on the same planet as you or me.

Buses, passenger and commuter rail and other fringe modes of public transportation are important to the overall transportation scheme, but highways are – and will continue to be – the main arteries for the U.S. economy.

Here’s wishing our neighbors up the road in Charlottesville well in their quest for more rail options, but here’s also hoping they realize two very important things.

One, any passenger rail plans must be undertaken on a statewide approach in order to have even a remote chance of being successful.

Two, U.S. 29 is, and will remain, the main north-south artery in Central Virginia, and it needs continuous upgrading. Translation for our Charlottesville friends? The Charlottesville Bypass needs to be built, sooner rather than later.

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