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Associated Press, tisk, tisk

For the love of might! Reporters should not be expected to know everything, but they might try to know something.

So here’s the deal. Amtrak has promised to look things over if the bill authorizing $8.2 billion passes. That is the core of a news story reported by A. P.

In a letter to Idaho Senator Mike Crapo on Wednesday, Amtrak’s Chief Executive Officer Alex Kummant said the rail service would consider the feasibility of all or part of the Tacoma-to-Denver route.

The Pioneer was dumped from Amtrak’s schedule in 1997 after it lost $20 million.

So, they’re going to originate in Tacoma? That’s interesting. Will the Pioneer (or whatever it’s called) deadhead to Tacoma? OK. I am having to much fun, but how would a reporter come to believe that the train ran from Tacoma to Denver?

Little wonder congress and the public are so misinformed.

How did the Pioneer lose all that money? Did somebody toss $30 million off the bar car? Honestly, the way people throw numbers around is simply maddening.

There is a lot to consider on restoring the Pioneer, such as where the equipment might come from.

It might be a good idea to tell your congressional representative about Trains for America. We make lots of mistakes, but usually get the routes right.

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