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Chattanooga maglev update

This idea is certainly getting a lot of talk. Some of it quite foolish. Let’s tune in to this report from WDEF.

Mullis on Mag Lev Train Possibility

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Georgia state legislators continue to pursue a high speed rail connection between the Chattanooga and Atlanta airports.
State Senator Jeff Mullis of Chickamauga serves as chair of the transportation committee.
The panel wrapped up study meetings on the viability of a magnetic levitation train last month.
Mullis says the next step is to take that information to Washington.
Mullis: “I feel very optimistic that in the future this could be a reality, and again, it doesn’t have to be through tax payers, it can be through the private sector too and we’re going to find a way to make it happen.”
Mullis says he believes the train could carry freight, eliminating the need for taxpayer dollars for the project.

Now, doesn’t that make perfect sense. Put freight cars on it so taxpayers won’t have to pay. That’s how highways work, right?

This is how things work down south. Many old time hard-heads are mighty suspicious about big government, except when it comes to Social Security checks and Air Force bases. I think we might just want to won up to the strong possibility that it costs money to build transport systems and only government has the ability to legally acquire the land.

I know treating regular folks liek grownups is a bizarre and dangerous concept, but we might have to give it a try if America will ever move into the 21st. Century.


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