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Denver air hub expansion

Although it is relatively new, the Denver International Airport already seems to be inadaquate to passenger loads. The plan, as you might imagine, is to keep on doing what we have always done. Of course, that always has the same result – more congestion.

The proper course of action is not to starve the airline industry, but to provide transportation choices for intermediate and longer trips. Colorado, by the way, has a HSR program in the development stages and it has a link to your right.

Here is a snapshot from an excellent analysis in the Rocky Mountain News.

Where will the $1.2 billion go?

Denver International Airport plans to issue $1.2 billion in bonds in coming years to fund a variety of projects as it seeks to accommodate growth both inside the airport and out.* Some projects on the agenda:


Involves adding 10 gates onto Concourse C and building a commuter facility that can handle 23 regional jets, similar to the one DIA recently built on Concourse B. Also includes a taxi-lane extension

• Estimated cost: $266 million

• Estimated completion: spring 2010


Involves expanding and adding security lanes and possibly creating another screening area in the main terminal

Estimated cost: Up to $6.7 million

• Estimated completion: By 2013


Involves building parking garages near the airport’s main terminal and a third shuttle lot, adding thousands of new spaces

Estimated cost: $124 million

Estimated completion: One new garage should open later this year; other expansions to be completed by 2013.


Involves building a new system to route outbound and inbound luggage using conventional methods such as conveyor belts. Also involves upgrading baggage sorting and claim carousels and moving explosives detection equipment from Concourse B to the terminal

Estimated cost: More than $90 million

• Estimated completion: By 2013


Involves upgrading the computer hardware and software that routes the underground trains shuttling passengers between the main terminal and the concourses. Also involves extending the tracks south of the terminal to accommodate more trains

Estimated cost: $25 million

• Estimated completion: By 2013Note: *Some Of Dia’S Projects Include Money From Federal Grants. Source: Dia


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