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Who is Tim Pitsker?

Tim Pitsker, a member of the Dumbarton Rail Corridor Project Citizen Advisory Panel, has been a lawyer for 30 years, and has lived in Fremont, California for 10 years.

Let’s not call them environmental wackos. Nonetheless, it is probably a good idea to approach all such objections to HSR with the skepticism due those who benefit by espousing the views of highway and airline special interests.

America’s transportation is clearly way behind the world standards and the reason is the undue influence of wealthy special interests. They will stop at nothing to advance their selfish agenda.

This may have been sincerely meant, but it rings hollow over here. There is a lot more on The Argus web site. Here is a taste of the commentary.

The high-speed trains will destroy the quality of life in much of Fremont and will be an ecological disaster for Niles Canyon, the wildlife refuge and San Francisco Bay.

The integration of the high-speed train and freight is already in progress. Alameda County already has entered into preliminary discussions to sell the Niles Canyon right-of-way being used by the Niles Historic Train.

Furthermore, an environmental report is being prepared by the Dumbarton Rail Project for a freight only bridge over Alameda Creek in Niles. This freight bridge is designed to take all of the Port of Oakland truck freight off Interstate 580 and ship it through Niles Canyon.

The most dangerous aspect of this freight bridge is that it will be built right above the location where the Alameda County Water District takes water out of Alameda Creek to be used as our drinking water.

The curve in this bridge makes it more dangerous than the curve at the site of the Dunsmuir derailment and chemical spill in far Northern California several years ago. Thus there is an extreme danger of derailment and poisoning of the local water supply.

The high-speed train and its integration with freight must be shut down before disaster strikes.


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  1. William A. Pitsker says:

    We need the system, yesterday!
    It must be examined how such high speed rail systems have impacted the eccologies of Japan, France and Germany, (as well as England, I suppose), before one dismisses the idea due to so-called environmental concernes. Putting man’s needs last after the rest of the world is totally counterproductive, as well as symptomatic of several identified mental derangments. But then, as astute an observer as Michael Savage, has identified “liberalism” as a mental disease. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful world, were man never to have invented anything, leaving the environment in it’s priestine state, where only animals and other factors caused each other’s extinctions.
    We are such egomaniacs to believe that we will destroy the world. It has survived cataclisms far more destructive than anything man can contrive, and it will be such a cataclism which does the deed to us the next time, too. I am reminded of the fox and the henhouse, where the fox starts the rumor that the sky is falling. It sure paid off for the fox.
    So, there are mercinary elements every which way one turns. An intelligent electorate (lol) should be able to figure out the money trails and decide.
    Bill Pitsker (Tim’s uncle, and retired Pan Am pilot)

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