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Meanwhile, Argentina gets it!

Here is the latest indictment of America’s sleepy transportation policies on the international front.

Argentine President Néstor Kirchner presided over the ceremony to open the four bids submitted for the construction of a rapid train connecting capital Buenos Aires to central-western city Mendoza, the presidential website reported.The contracted consortium will be in charge of building the rail system, as well as providing signaling, communications, and rolling stock. Works are slated to take 48 months to complete.

The bidding consortiums are: Spanish company CAF, along with Roggio, Cartellone, Comsa, and Siemens; Eurnekian group’s Corporación América, with Helport, Cometrans, and Lesco; Ferromel-Ferrovías-Emepa-Odebrecht; and a group including of French company Alstom, Iecsa, and Spanish company Isolux Corsán.

Bidders are also expected to submit a final design and engineering study for the initiative by December 4, while economic offers will be reviewed on December 27, according to local press.

The passenger train is expected to reach a maximum speed of 160km/hour and will make three stops along the line. It will make one trip daily and another at night.

The project is part of an initiative promoted by Argentine authorities to rehabilitate and revive the country’s rail transport system.

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