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Washington Post has a good letter

Thank you, Mr. Slaggie, for pointing out the obvious. Airlines are even starting to figure this one out. There is a sensible solution to airline congestion.

Congestion Relief on the Rails

Monday, August 27, 2007; Page A12

As I read through your Aug. 22 editorial on “what can be done about airline flight delays,” I hoped for but, as expected, didn’t see the only obvious long-term answer: trains. Get middle-distance passengers out of the crowded skies and on high-speed rail. Trains in Europe go 200 mph and even faster. Unlike airplanes, which emit greenhouse gases, trains can run on electricity.

Time-wasting and probably ineffective airline “security” isn’t needed for rail transportation. You can’t hijack a train and crash it into the next World Trade Center. Even with Amtrak‘s relatively low-speed Acelas, door-to-door times in the Northeast have been comparable to those of air transportation or even faster, and that was before the present increase in flight delays.




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