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Amtrak ticketing and reservation computer struck by lightning

Amtrak just can’t catch a break.

First of all, everything is apparently OK now, but….

The Austin Statesman has been reporting the news. It started SATURDAY.

Amtrak riders have been having a heck of a time making reservations and picking up tickets today, as the nation’s passenger rail carrier’s ARROW ticketing system came to a halt at about 1:30 PM EDT.

When calling Amtrak’s reservation number, customers are greeted with the following recording:

“At the present time, we are experiencing technical problems with our computer systems. We are unable to make or modify reservations. If you are not traveling today, please call us back tomorrow.”

Gene Poon, the professional and reliable transportation reporter, has a post updating the situation on

No reservations, no ticketing, no Train Status, no Quik-Trak machines. Nothing.

A major power supply outage at the vendor to whom Amtrak has outsourced its data center is blamed. Amtrak anticipated that the system would resume operation at approx. 1200N EDT on Sunday August 26…45 minutes ago.

Amtrak outsourced ARROW’s data operations to a vendor a few years ago. The hardware is good, contemporary stuff but apparently a system power outage occurred and there was no backup for that failure.

Welcome back, Julie!


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  1. Pavan says:

    Does Amtrak use the same reservations systems?

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