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Tulsa – Springfield, Mo. service to be studied

The Oklahoma legislature has apparently funded a transportation study of passenger train service between Tulsa and Springfield, Mo.

It is, indeed a rather odd idea to attempt connecting to completely isolated “dots” on the map. Neither city has Amtrak service, and therefore no connections. It might make sense to connect Tulsa to Oklahoma City, or Oklahoma City to St. Louis or Chicago through Tulsa. I am ignorant of track conditions along this proposed route, but it is probably a difficult situation. has the report.

Senator says rail service idea will derail

By John Greiner
Capitol Bureau

Legislation calling for a feasibility study on passenger rail service from Tulsa to Springfield, Mo., became effective Friday, but its Senate author already believes the rail line would be financially infeasible.

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Senate Joint Resolution 14 by Sen. Bill Brown, R-Broken Arrow, and Rep. Dennis Adkins, R-Tulsa, urges the U.S. Department of Transportation to examine the possibility of passenger train service between Tulsa and Springfield.

The resolution was among a handful of bills passed by the Legislature last session that became effective Friday.

“I think it’s a dead horse,” Brown said of the issue.

A passenger train between Tulsa and Springfield would have to be subsidized, and he doubts that can happen, Brown said.

“I would love it personally,” he said of a passenger line between Tulsa and Springfield.

Brown also would like to have an Amtrak service from Tulsa to Oklahoma City, he said.

National passenger rail service to Tulsa ended in the 1980s, according to the resolution.

It said Tulsa is the fifth largest metropolitan region in the United States without Amtrak service.

The Oklahoma City to Fort Worth, Texas, passenger train service has been in operation for several years.

Springfield is an excellent potential market for Amtrak, perhaps between Memphis and Kansas City? It’s right next door to Branson.


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4 Responses

  1. Steven Reed says:

    I worked for 15 years and had people help from all across the state concerning getting rail service from St. Louis to Springfield and Branson and on the Tulsa. Last year in Missouri the highway department tried to convince the State Legislature to help get funding for Amtrak from Stylus to Branson and on. They say it will help relieve traffic on interstate 44 and help drivers have other options. Rolla, Lebanon, Springfield, Branson and many other cities could benefit from the economic development it could bring

    Vice Presidential candidate Joe Biden has spent many years promoting the idea that additional routes will increase traffic in general on Amtrak. . What about those gas prices? If Biden becomes vice president he will bring more Rail Passenger Service to Missouri and the United States.


    Steven L. Reed
    1441 South Estate Ave.
    Springfield, MO 65804

  2. Warren Walther says:

    It seems to me that the Springfield-Branson area should be considered as a potential Amtrak destination. I don’t know the numbers, but my understanding is that a significant portion of Branson visitors are over 50 years of age and that a significant number of Amtrak passengers are also over 50. Branson is a very popular destination for older people. There is already existing, usable trackage through Branson (a tourist train already uses it)… just seems like something that might be feasible. Or, perhaps just Amtrak service through Springfield, perhaps as part of a Chicago-Texas route or part of a Kansas City-Memphis or Little Rock route?

  3. steven reed says:


    They should hire me I have promoted it more in the last 15 years out of my own pocket than all the groups in the country put together—are the oil companies paying you right now to shut up while the stimulas money is being given out?

    We need projects that will help people in regions and all areas of the state. For over a decade thousands of people have been speaking out wanting rail passenger service in cities that would benefit from the economic boost. In 2007 the state Transportation Department recommended it in a study including St. Louis, Kirkwood, Sullivan, Rolla, Lebanon, Springfield, and Branson. Service should also be considered to Kansas City from Springfield.

    In southwest Missouri we need new jobs. An effort of ten years to bring Technology Jobs is what the people want which is new better paying jobs of the future. Research and development of solar, wind, and other forms of new products of the future can be done at the Technology Park.
    The Stimulus money needs to be spent on long term projects the people want not just some road projects to make the auto, concrete, and gas people happy! Remember we are competing for jobs of the future with countries like India and China who are getting the best laugh right now when it comes to the economy!


    Steven L. Reed
    1441 South Estate Ave.
    Springfield, MO 65804


  4. Steven Reed says:

    Springfield(MO) MoDOT held its proposed transportation meeting tonight. Local activist asked why the Rail Passenger Service was not included at any funding level? Steven Reed pointed out that just two years ago the highway department put out a press release supporting it.

    Reed says that over ten years thousands of people have spoke out from Springfield to Branson to St. Louis and even The mayor of Branson, Raeanne Presley recently said she has always supported the Rail Passenger Service. “I say to people ac cross the State Rise up (St. Louis, Rolla, Lebanon, Springfield, Branson), and tell the people who always run the show that we want passenger rail service” Reed said. The people have no say and MODOT does not have any elected position like maybe the state director

    Steven Reed also asked why Springfield, St. Louis, and Kansas City were on their maps as being non economically distressed area’s which meant they received less funding from the stimulus money. Also asked if mainly the jobs will go to the union workers and they agreed since they are all prevailing wage road projects. MoDOT said wages are high and unemployment low and that is why Springfield in NOT considered a economically distressed area and that all jobs created would be union and pre-veiling wage.

    It is sad that Reed pointed out that he was the only member of the public at the meeting and KOLR10, KSPR, and The News-Leader avoided Reed in the room after the meeting and were even told by a MODOT employee to do so. The media does not want to talk to Reed after 20 years voluntary community projects and makes fun of him. Jim Anderwson of the Chamber in the past said he supports the rail passenger service —but said nothing to the media about it—is he about to retire?

    Story by World Democracy Project

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