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Scotland fights for high speed rail connection

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There is, within the United Kingdom, a certain tension, and it is far from creative. The Scots have felt rather left out of recent plans to upgrade ground transportation, which by American standards is already fairly luxurious. The Scottish faction seems to be using the Robert Byrd technique: when all else fails, pass a law to get your darned train.

The is a tricky political question which Scottish proponents have joined to the contentious issue of adding a third runway at Heathrow. They observe, probably with some justification, that improving domestic ground transportation would take some of the load off the big airport.

Here is the latest from

MSP calls for fast London railway link

A LIBERAL Democrat MSP has lodged a parliamentary motion calling for a high-speed rail link between Scotland and London.

A number of proposals have been launched in recent months for a new rail line between Edinburgh, Glasgow and the UK capital – travelling either down the east or west coast.

It could reduce journey times from almost five hours to around three hours. Glasgow MSP Robert Brown said: “A high-speed rail link between Scotland and London, offering a journey time of less than three hours, would be genuinely competitive with domestic flights from Scotland to London.”

Mr Brown said the UK Government’s plans for a third runway at Heathrow Airport had run into protests from the environmental lobby and local residents.

A high-speed rail connection, slashing journey times between London, the north of England and Scotland, offered “a sustainable alternative” to many short-haul flights within Britain.


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