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New Minneapolis bridge will be ready for light rail

Although commuter transportation is somewhat “off topic” here, the sensible allocation of transportation tax dollars is always a suitable topic. This is even more so as the opposition attempts to place blame for infrastructure failures on other modes of transit. Here is a portion of the Associated Press report.

Minnesota’s governor opened the door Friday for a possible compromise on a light-rail line on a new Interstate 35W bridge, a city goal that the state had warned would drive up the cost and might slow the project.

Gov. Tim Pawlenty signaled the potentially important compromise on his weekly radio show, where he said the new bridge could be built to accommodate a light-rail train in the future – a feature some in his administration had cast doubt on only a few days earlier.

Pawlenty cautioned that adding light rail would make the bridge replacement cost more, and that the federal government was unlikely to pick up that part of the tab. He indicated the cost of light rail would be weighed against other bridge enhancements sought by the city.

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