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Fort Worth Stat-Telegram comes close

The editorial writer came just that close to getting it right on curing congestion. It was, otherwise, such a good opinion piece that it seems a shame to rip it. The only thing wrong with the Star-Telegram opinion is that ti was, at least in part, wrong.

Who knows? It may be that expanded highways are justified in some circumstances. Generally, however, this is a course on which we should not lightly embark. Roads just feed pollution and congestion.

The editorial at least recognized the transportation summit and did come to one rather surprising and sensible solution. Here is part of it.

Building more new roads and expanding existing ones are parts of the solution, including toll roads such as the Southwest Parkway in Fort Worth and Texas 121 in Dallas, Denton and Collin counties.

Part of the transportation funding solution should be a substantial increase in the federal gasoline tax of 18.4 cents a gallon (last raised in 1993) and hikes in some state gasoline taxes.

Texas hasn’t raised its 20-cents-a-gallon tax since 1991, in part because of politicians who are too spineless to take this badly overdue step.

But as we suffer from increasingly painful congestion indigestion and shell out more money for tolls, higher gas taxes might look considerably more appealing.

Indeed. Higher gas taxes, yes.

Stop diverting transportation funds into unnecessary and overbuilt highways.

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