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If you don’t know the background, that’s why God made Google. The Puritans, fearful that somebody might be having some fun or participating in some activity not approved by the morality police, have been stirring things up over a liquor promotion being run by an Amtrak “partner.”

I’ll probably never use the GrandLuxe service, but why should I care if somebody else does? The people who might use the promotional items are on a TRAIN and are presumably ADULTS.

Don’t get me going.

Here is the Amtrak press release.

WASHINGTON, Aug. 2 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — GrandLuxe Rail Journeys, a private luxury rail cruise company, has partnered with Amtrak to offer “GrandLuxe Limited” passenger rail service on select long-distance routes between November and January.

In order to promote the new service, GrandLuxe is offering members of Amtrak Guest Rewards a premium of up to $100 worth of beverages aboard GrandLuxe trains as an incentive to potential “GrandLuxe Limited” customers.

The beverage credit is being offered only aboard the “GrandLuxe Limited” sections of some Amtrak trains, a low-volume, luxurious train service on overnight trips for which Amtrak does not sell tickets and on which Amtrak provides no staff. On-board credit such as this marketing program is common in the cruise and hospitality industry.

A recent AP story has left the false impression the on-board credit is available to Amtrak passengers, when in fact it is only for “GrandLuxe Limited” passengers who are also Amtrak Guest Rewards members.

Unlike Amtrak passengers, who can be ticketed to intermediate stops, the “GrandLuxe Limited” passengers are ticketed for journeys of one or more nights and have premium and super-premium-priced beverage options on trips between Washington, D.C., and Florida and between Chicago and the East and West Coasts. Amtrak

Heck, if the Chicago Tribune’s travel blog can figure this one out, it’s not that hard.


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