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There is a letter to the editor running on the Moline newspaper web site about a basic transportation need from a member of the Quad Cites Passenger Rail Coalition. It is about a funding request for the Illinois legislature to restore service.

A number of comments have already been made by area residents and businessmen and women regarding the benefits of the return of this service, the complications of today’s air travel being among them. This is not to take away from the fine service provided by our Quad City International Airport. If you’re not in a great hurry however, I feel rail service could be a pleasant and even rewarding alternative.

I would hope if you feel as I, that you consider joining the Rail Coalition, write to your legislators, or do anything you can to bring this project to fruition. It will be of great benefit to the Quad Cities metro area.


Carl W. Becker,

Quad Cities Passenger Rail Coalition

A fast conventional run to Chicago (as compared to the 200 mph European model) would still allow for a full day in Chicago, with a convenient return. The economic impact of this convenience and efficiency would be substantial. Putting aside the asthetic virtues of rail transportation, this one should be a no-brainer.

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